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MCDBA Articles & MCDBA News

Certification, Microsoft SQL Server and MCDBA Articles & MCDBA News

bulletCertification Magazine - 8/23/06 - Digital edition of the August 2006 issue of Certification Magazine
bulletCertification Magazine - 3/23 - Digital edition of the April 2006 issue of Certification Magazine
bulletCertification Magazine - 2/06 - Digital edition of the February 2006 issue of Certification Magazine
bulletCertification Magazine - 1/26/06 - Motivating Yourself to Study - What drives you?
bullet IT/Certification Discussion Forums - Need help with troubleshooting? Try the MCPmag IT/Certification Discussion Forums, where experts and members come up with solutions for your most difficult IT dilemmas. Free registration is required to post messages but it's always free to read.
bulletCertification Magazine - 1/05 - Digital edition of the January 2006 issue of Certification Magazine
bulletCertification Magazine - 12/05 Digital edition of the December 2005 issue of Certification Magazine
bulletMicrosoft - The New Generation of Microsoft Certifications - Consisting of three series and four credentials, the new generation of Microsoft certifications provides a simpler and more targeted framework for IT managers to validate core technical skills, professional skills, and architectural skills. It also provides professionals in the IT industry with a more relevant, flexible, and cost-effective way to showcase their skills.
bulletCertification Magazine - 11/17/05 - MCP Exams for $35? - Microsoft is giving a big break to students who obtain training through IT Academy schools in the U.S. with a significant discount on MCP exams.

bullet - 9/05: Salaries Finally Up for MCPs - According to the 10th Annual Microsoft Certified Professional Salary Survey, published this week on in conjuction with Redmond magazine, salaries for Microsoft Certified Professionals and those working in the Microsoft IT space are
heading upward.

bulletCertification Magazine - 7/18/05 - Microsoft to Overhaul Certification Program - The new framework will be rolled out with new certifications around Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005, both slated for release on Nov. 7, as well as the Microsoft Certified Architect program.
bulletCertification Magazine - 7/05 - July 2005 Issue of Certification Magazine Digital  
bulletMicrosoft - 7/05 - Microsoft Certified Architect Program - The Microsoft Certified Architect Program identifies top industry experts in IT Architecture. These architects can employ multiple technologies to solve business problems and provide business metrics and measurements to describe the success or failure of the projects they drive. The program is currently in beta, and is expected to open to the architect community in early 2006
bulletMicrosoft - 6/7/05 - Notes from Microsoft® Tech Ed 2005 - SQL Server 2005, Visual Studio® 2005 and BizTalk® Server 2006 will launch the week of November 7.
bullet5/16/2005 - Thomson Prometric - Thomson Prometric Delivers Microsoft Simulation Exams Worldwide - Simulation-based exams mimic real life scenarios and, as a result, provide a better measure of a test taker’s ability on the job. The Microsoft Learning simulation-based exams feature a combination of traditional test question types and simulated work situations where test takers are required to demonstrate their IT skills by performing critical tasks.
bulletMay 2005 - - The Death of Paper MCSEs - This MCSE thinks he'd have a difficult time trying to pass the new performance-based questions being added to many MCSE exams.
bulletMCP Mag - 4/5/05 -  Two Steps Forward, No Steps Back  - Worried that your current skill set will soon leave you under skilled and unemployed? Can you demonstrate your proficiency in both current and upcoming technologies? To maintain job marketability, many IT workers acquire certifications. If you are considering the MCSE and/or CCNA, this free paper discusses the financial benefits of -- and the reasons for -- obtaining both certifications.
bullet Microsoft Second Shot certifiation exam Offer Ends 5/30/05 - If you register for this offer prior to taking any IT Pro or Developer exam you will get a free exam if you fail on your first try. This offer is available worldwide. As a participant, you will receive one free retake per exam you purchase and fail.
bullet Information Week - 4/1/05 - Certification: Hot Ticket Or Expensive Coffee Coaster? - Certifications sure look nice when properly framed and hung in your office. They can also provide a lot of heft to a resume, something that a potential employer can easily pick up during a quick scan of your professional history. But how much is a certification worth when it's essentially sold to you by a vendor like Cisco, Microsoft, or Novell? 
bullet Get Seattle - 4/1/05 - Professional Certification for Freelancers and Home-Based Businesses - Why get certified? I believe that there are three fundamental reasons for you to consider adding a professional certification to your freelance portfolio.
bulletMCP Magazine - 3/31/05 - Performance-Based" Exams Go Live - New simulation exams for MCP exams 70-290, 70-291, roll out of Redmond worldwide at select testing centers. As expected, Microsoft has begun delivering MCP exams with "performance-based" questions in live versions of exams 70-290, Managing and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Environment, and 70-291, Implementing, Managing, and Maintaining a Windows Server 2003 Network Infrastructure. As of Thursday, the exams were available through the online Pearson Vue registration site in most areas worldwide.
bulletMCP Magazine - 3/30/05 - Free MCP Exam for Military Personnel - Microsoft partners up to offer free exam voucher to military personnel; limited time offer. Microsoft and a few of its partners are funding a pilot program that offers U.S. active-duty and reserve military and National Guard members to take a Microsoft Certified Professional exam for free.
bulletMCP Magazine - 2/1/05 - New Twist to Exams: Just Do It - Microsoft's Learning Group to introduce simulations to MCP exams; new question type already available in Windows Server 2003 core exams. Today, the Microsoft Learning Group announced what it calls a "dramatic change in the testing protocol," with the incorporation of newly developed performance-based question types to its exams. The new question types will begin to appear in exams in late March.
bulletJanuary 2005 - CertMag -  Try CertMag Digital, our electronic edition of Certification Magazine. Subscriptions to the digital edition are FREE!
bullet12/14/2004 - MCP Magazine - New Exams Target Competencies -  Microsoft has released several exams aimed not at making MCPs; rather, these ones measure competencies of Microsoft Certified Partner members.
bullet12/8/2004 -'s - 10 Hottest Certifications for 2005 - Our annual attempt to predict the fastest-growing IT credentials in the upcoming year.
bullet10/26/2004 - - Top 5 Tips for Passing 2003 MSCE / MCSA Exams - If you've been thinking that Microsoft exams are getting harder, you're not wrong. Roger Grimes, MCT, offers you his best advice for passing the new generation of MCSE and MCSA exams.
bulletSeptember 2004 - Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine -  Salary Surveys - The ninth annual salary survey from Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine.
bullet4/14/2004 - Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine  - CERTIFICATION / CAREERS - Over 122,000 MCDBA's as of 4/14/04 at the MCP Magazine website. You will also find a count of all Microsoft certifications per title.


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