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MCDBA Directory - 'YOUR Microsoft MCDBA certification and training connection'
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Microsoft SQL Server Magazines & Certification Magazines

These Microsoft SQL Server magazines have great articles, tips, hints and more that will help you  pass the Microsoft MCDBA exams. Many of them offer specific help on the MCDBA exams. Well worth the investment of a yearly subscription!

You can subscribe to these SQL Server magazines at
Sql Server Magazine
SQL Server Magazine
gives DBAs and developers the information and techniques they need to implement SQL Server as a development platform. It includes articles, hardware and software reviews, along with editorial content


Microsoft Sql Server Professional SQL Server Professional contains information for MIS professionals, DBA's, and other individuals who use Microsoft SQL Server. Includes articles, techniques, and links.
Access Vb Sql Advisor Access - VB - SQL Server Advisor is the how-to guide to building VB language database applications for Windows, Web, mobile, and e-business. The magazine features articles on Visual Basic, Access, SQL Server, and much more. Subscribers receive online access to the complete magazine. Includes bonus articles and past-issues archive.
Sql Server Solutions
SQL Server Solutions
is the place to turn for help in database design and management. The journal provides in-depth coverage of Microsoft SQL Server in all its flavors, from the scaled down to Embedded SQL Server and SQL Server for Windows CE to the desktop version of MSDE.

FREE Certification Magazines and SQL Server Magazines

bullet Certification Magazine - Free! A technical training and certification publication designed to deliver the most current information available about technical certification programs from a variety of vendors.
bullet CertMag Digital - Free! The digital version delivers all it's Certification Magazine content without downloading and no waiting. Complete issues of Certification Magazine are online. Best of all it's all Free!
bulletMCP Magazine - Free! This monthly  publication is free to qualified MCPs worldwide. Let MCP  Magazine help you make the most of your certification  investment! MCP Magazine's Editorial Mission Statement - Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine provides real-world, peer-to-peer technical and product information for experienced information technology professionals, many of whom hold Microsoft certifications. Every issue features articles addressing strategic implementation of Microsoft server, desktop and internetworking technologies. The goal is to provide readers with the information they need to keep current with the Windows Server System, as well as maintain legacy Windows servers and networks, particularly in the enterprise.
bulletREDMOND magazine - REDMOND's Editorial Mission Statement - Microsoft Certified Professional Magazine is undergoing a dramatic transformation. It includes a bold new design, bigger staff of experienced IT journalists, hot story ideas and more! That's what REDMOND will offer every single month. Best of  all it's Free!


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