MCDBA Directory - 'YOUR Microsoft MCDBA certification and training connection'          
MCDBA Directory - YOUR Microsoft MCDBA certification and training connection!
YOUR certification journey begins with a single step at MCDBA Directory.

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MCDBA Directory - 'YOUR Microsoft MCDBA certification and training connection'
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MCDBA, Certification and SQL Server News Groups and Forums

Great places to exchange information with other users on the MCDBA certification process.

MCDBA News Groups: news://
Yahoo MCDBA Discussion Group

Certification News Groups

MCSD News Groups: news://
MCSE News Groups: news://
MCP Magazine IT/Certification Forums
MCT News Groups:  news://
Certification News Groups: news://
Networking Certification News Groups: news://
Visual Studio Certification News Groups: news://
WinNT - 9x Certification News Groups: news://

Microsoft SQL SERVER News Groups

SQL Server Clustering news://
SQL Server Connection Issues: news://
SQL Server Data Warehouse: news://
SQL Server English Query: news://
SQL Server OLAP: news://
SQL Server OLE DB: news://
SQL Server OLE DB and OLAP: news://
SQL Server ODBC: news://
SQL Server ODBC Client Server: news://
SQL Server Programming: news://
SQL Server Replication: news://
SQL Server Security news://
SQL Server: news://
SQL Server Clients: news://
SQL Server Setup: news://
SQL Server Tools: news://
XML: news://


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